Spotlight on TSCPL Staff Learning

What have staff at TSCPL been learning about this week?

Here are five training topics, sessions, and resources that staff members were focused on.

1. Empathy: Connecting with Colleagues and Customers

This is the all-staff training for June 2022. It takes approximately 35-45 minutes to complete. Let Kate or Brenda in Staff Training know if you’re having trouble accessing or completing it. 90 staff members have completed it so far!

2. Service Animals: Your Obligations Under the ADA

This is a one-hour Ryan Dowd training. A Service Animal Workbook handout is included.

3. Defending Access with Confidence: A Practical Workshop on Intellectual Freedom 

This is another course developed here at TSCPL. All new employees take it, but if it has been a while for you, it’s worth reviewing.

4. Intellectual Freedom: Fighting the Good Fight

This is a recording of the 6/9/22 Kansas library system’s one-hour webinar featuring Martin Garnar, who is chair of the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee and editor of the 10th edition of the Intellectual Freedom Manual.

5. Practice Active Listening

This is an activity that you can complete with your team or with just one other person. “We hear with our ears; we listen with our minds.”

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  1. Kate Hughes on said:

    Thanks for the question, Donna! With the new Library Management System we are implementing now, we’re planning for each staff member to handle their own training records like we all manage our own Paycom now. Until then, I’m happy to get a list of all your completed trainings to you. I know many staff need this for evals. I’ll send you a list and excel files with just your records, so you can format them as you like. Please let me know if you want 2021 and 2022 records or just this year. I’ll gladly compile them!

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