Staff Development Day Zoom Information

The 2022 Stephanie Hall Sneaky Learning Staff Development Day will be held entirely via Zoom.  The Zoom link and meeting details are:
Meeting ID: 829 4942 6963
Passcode: 607883

The Zoom link is also posted on the Outlook calendar invite. You are welcome and encouraged to attend from home. If you do not currently have the necessary computer equipment or internet capabilities to attend from home, you may utilize additional library resources.  If you feel that you need to use resources other than what you currently have available, please contact your supervisor.  This might mean either checking out a laptop to take home or using a computer at the library.  We would also like everyone to have access to a camera, so if you need a camera, please let your supervisor know.

The agenda and schedule will not change significantly from what is currently posted (  Because we won’t have many people at the library, lunch will not be provided that day.  However, we will be making lunch available for staff later that week. Thanks!

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