Fun with Kahoot! on Staff Day

For those of you who attended Staff Development Day last year, you may remember we had a few fun quizzes throughout the day using Kahoot!. We will be doing that once again this year.

Kahoot! is an online service that allows people to participate in interactive learning. In order to play along with the quizzes, you will need to be able to use the Kahoot! app on your phone or login to the Kahoot! website in a web browser. While participating you will still need to be able to view Zoom. The questions will show up in Zoom and you will answer in Kahoot!.

If you have a computer and smartphone, it is probably easiest to view Zoom on the computer and use the Kahoot! app on your phone. If you are only on a computer, it will probably be easiest to use one window for Kahoot! and one for the Zoom.  Unfortunately, if you are doing everything on a phone, it will be difficult to participate.

The quizzes are just for fun and are not a requirement. We will give more instructions on Staff Development Day, but if you wish to participate it might be wise to go ahead and download the Kahoot! app so that you’re ready on Monday.


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