New Online Training Available!

Go to Staff Development & Training to view courses. Please continue to check the website for updates, including new courses, upcoming events, and announcements. Don’t forget to sign up for the Ryan Dowd/Homelessness Training Institute courses. Ryan adds new programs each month. You need to send me an email to begin participating.

Newly Added:

NoveList Plus with Miranda Ericsson
Our Readers Team is dedicated to helping readers find their next great book. Miranda will explore NoveList Plus, a database with titles, authors, reviews, and so much more to help you make book recommendations. NoveList Plus is also a great tool when forming displays, book lists, writing blogs, or doing anything to engage readers.

Communico Refresher Training with Shannon Eddings
Shannon will cover how to book meetings and how to create and start a virtual event.

Tech Toolbox
Digital Services manages the system for requesting technology and event equipment in the Tech Toolbox. Tech includes laptops, tablets, webcams, projectors, cameras, camcorders, and the Wi-Fi hotspots.The new system is called LibCal. It’s a super easy request system, and it adds to your work and programming options.

Time Management: Work/Life Balance
Maintaining a work/life balance is challenging in today’s 24/7 connectivity world. Finding ways to fit everything in is no easy task. Developing good time management skills is essential. Learn ways for managing your time to create harmony in work and life.

Developing Successful Collaboration
Staff must work effectively across organizational and departmental boundaries to solve problems and produce public value in Library services. This course considers the importance of collaboration and team dynamics and how you can contribute to the effectiveness of your team.

Working with Individuals Experiencing Psychological/Emotional and Addictive Behaviors
Service delivery for customers with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Strengthening Your Social Justice Muscle: Bringing Anti-Racism into the Workplace
Presented by Kathleen Marker, YWCA CEO

Library Service, Safety & Security with Dr. Steve Albrecht (as part of Library 2.0)
Access to the material is free, requiring only a free Library 2.0 account. SIGN UP HERE.

The North Vancouver Library Stabbing Attacks: Edged Weapons Awareness
The Armed Attacker: A Rare But Catastrophic Event at the Library
Triple-E Patrons: Entitled, Eccentric, Exasperating
Helping Library Patrons with Autism: Start with Understanding

Stop Apologizing for Library Security
Let’s Talk About Talking
Safe and Simple Patron De-Escalations
A Guided Meditation for Stress Management and Relaxation

Library 2.0 Mini-Conferences
The Library 2.0 online event series started in 2010 as a multi-day annual online event. There are now 10 years of conference keynote and session recordings available on the Library 2.0 site, and many keynote sessions on the Library 2.0 YouTube channel. Access to the recordings is free, requiring only a free Library 2.0 account. SIGN UP HERE.

While we continue to add courses, there are currently 10 required trainings. Staff must complete all 10 by December 31, 2021. For quick access to these courses, a “Required Training” page has been added to the Staff Development & Training website (accessible from the homepage).

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