Upcoming Training – Register Today!

Find upcoming training with descriptions, dates, and registration information on the Staff Development & Training website. You can also access the website on the Intranet through the “Learning” tab. As a reminder, the first time you open the website, you must click the “Request Access” button.

Click the titles below to read the announcements.

KnowBe4 Digital Security Awareness Training – 2021 Schedule
These trainings are required for all staff.

Strengthening Your Social Justice Muscle – Bringing anti-Racism into the Workplace (presented by the YWCA)
A one-hour Zoom workshop presented by Kathleen Marker, YWCA CEO.

Deliberative Conversations and Common Ground for Action Forums
It’s never been more important to talk to each other about tough problems : listening with empathy and respect, considering other perspectives, and weighing the trade-offs of possible actions. All full-time staff are expected to attend one session.

Kansas Regional Library Systems – Free Zoom workshops
The Kansas Regional Library Systems are offering FREE Zoom workshops as part of their “after-lunch course” series.

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