Staff Development & Training

Staff Development & Training (SDAT) is excited to announce a NEW SharePoint site as the hub for TSCPL’s employee learning and professional development! The hub has been designed and readied by SDAT to provide information about SDAT, including access to courses, resources, events, announcements, Staff Development Day, and more. The first time you open the site, click the “Request Access” button to continue. You can still access the site on the Intranet through the “Learning” tab. Contact me with any questions. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Staff Development & Training

  1. Dawn Stone on said:

    Where are the links to the actual training? I looked around but there wasn’t anything clickable to get started on any of the learning tracts. I didn’t find a list of track courses that I could look up on my own either.

  2. Dawn Stone on said:

    Nevermind. I looked at it again, and found the links. I didn’t when I was looking remotely. But, I will check again this afternoon when I get home. Thanks!

  3. Ruth Rodden on said:

    Do you have to grant access to the site? I requested access and it says “awaiting approval”.

  4. David Gonzalez on said:

    I like Ruth have requested access but it also told me that I’m “awaiting approval.”