Update: KnowBe4 Digital Security Awareness training

As part of the KnowBe4 Digital Security Awareness training campaign, additional procedures will be implemented.

Initial Training Campaign includes:

  • Monthly Simulated Phishing Attacks
  • Quarterly Security Awareness Training
    • Training is REQUIRED for all staff and must be completed by the specified deadline.


  • Once the completion deadline has passed, supervisors will be notified of staff who have not completed the current training module. Additional reminder emails will be sent to staff until the training is complete.
  • Supplemental resources, including articles and videos, will be provided to aid in completing the module or to acquire additional knowledge.
  • A reminder email will be sent by Staff Training a week prior to launching a new campaign. The email will contain the training name, description, estimated completion time, start/end dates, and any resources. This information will also be posted on the staff training page, under “upcoming sessions.”
  • For staff who click on a phishing email, you will automatically be enrolled in additional training. Supervisors will also be notified. You are enrolled right away after you click on the simulating phishing attack. After completing the training you are then removed from the “clickers” group.  If you click on another simulating phishing email, you will be re-enrolled, and will be required to complete another training module and so on. You will receive an enrollment email with the link to access training.

Questions? Contact Staff Training and Digital Services.

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