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Changes are coming to our Book Group in a Bag online reservation system. Our current system has become increasingly out of date, with no way to make updates. We shopped around a chose a new reservation system popular with many libraries: KitKeeper. It’s going to be a great update for us and help us to make our Book Group in a Bag service even better!

Our Book Group in a Bag team will host trainings on February 18-21 to help staff learn all about the new system and prepare to help customers as they make the adjustment, and we strongly suggest that everyone attend.

Please review the training times offered here, and then ask your supervisor for approval to sign up for a time that fits your schedule.

Get a Sneak Peek

KitKeeper is already listed under “Quick Links” on the Intranet. Clicking the link will allow you to take a sneak peek if you would like to navigate the site a bit before training.


In February, we are going to migrate all existing reservations to the new system, and from then on it will be used to make all upcoming Book Group in a Bag reservations. February 24th is our target date to switch to the KitKeeper system, and our current system will be disabled on Friday, February 21st at 4 pm so that we can finish up the task of migrating the existing reservations.

NO Book Group in a Bag Reservations Can be made the weekend of February 21-23.

Deb Ellerbrook prepared this FAQ for customers. You may have similar questions. We’ll cover everything in the training, but we would love for you to write down and bring your questions with you, if they are not answered here. You may see something we have missed!

What happens to my existing reservations?  Will I have to make them all over again?
Our Book Group in a Bag team will be migrating all of the existing reservations over to the new system before we go live with it. Current users should not have to worry about losing any of their current reservations. If you do see any issues with a reservation you made after February 24th when we migrate over to KitKeeper, feel free to e-mail us at and we’ll get it cleared up for you.

Should I keep making reservations?
We are going to keep the current system active until 4 pm on February 21st.   We will remove it from the website at that time so that our staff has a chance to make sure all the current reservations are migrated over before going live with KitKeeper on the morning of February 24th.  Feel free to continue to make reservations until February 21st – although we wouldn’t mind at all if you wanted to wait until after we’ve switched to KitKeeper so that you can get a chance to practice using the new system.

Will I need to re-register with the new system?
Yes.  The first time you select a kit and click on “reserve” you will be prompted to enter your library card number and current PIN number.  You must have your most current card number and PIN number, KitKeeper will be checking to make sure your library card information is correct.  After you put in your card information you will be taken to a screen where you will fill out a reservation form with your name and contact information.

NOTE: After we switch to KitKeeper, those of you who receive e-mail notifications about your kits will be receiving them from a different e-mail address.  E-mails will be sent from – to make sure you don’t miss them you might want to add that e-mail to your list of contacts.

2 thoughts on “Sign Up for KitKeeper Training

  1. Ruth Rodden on said:

    I tried to get a sneak peek using my barcode and PIN but was told 22 in not an approved type.

    • Miranda Ericsson on said:

      Thank you for the clarifying question! The authentication is not live yet for library cards, so you won’t be able to actually log in and make a reservation yet. You can check out the look and the searching options (it’s much more robust than our old system). Sorry for the confusion. 🙂