2019 Staff Development Day Details

Shine Bright

Energizing Our Lives and Work

Greetings from your Staff Development Day Committee! We are looking forward to “Shining Bright” with you on Monday, February 18, 2018.

We will spend the day “Shining Bright” through learn and play. We’ll have fun activities, interact with our Community Impact Goal Teams, and hear from an internationally known author and speaker on how to live and work with meaning and energy. The day will be entertaining, informative, interactive, and energizing!

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8-8:30 am Check-in | Breakfast Buffet
SERVING: New Books, Movies and Music
Rotunda DINING: Auditorium
8:30–8:45 am Welcome | Gina Millsap and Kristin Kelly Auditorium ABC
8:45-10 am Group Activity – It’s a surprise! Auditorium ABC
10-10:15 am Break | Refreshments and Group Photo Rotunda
10:15–10:30 am “The Art of Relevance” | Nina Simon TED Talk Auditorium ABC
10:30-11 am “Keeping Libraries Relevant” | Gina Millsap Auditorium ABC
11 am–12 noon Learning Breakouts:
Community Impact Goal Team Activities Ready for Kindergarten
Community of Readers
Passion for Learning
Best Life
Noon –12:45 pm Lunch | Taco Salad, Beverages and Dessert
(Vegetarian option available)

SERVING: New Books, Movies and Music

DINING: Auditorium
12:45–1:15 pm Staff Awards Auditorium ABC
1:15–2:15 pm Keynote Part 1 | Dr. Brian Ogawa
“The Power of Anxiety: Strengthening Personal Wellness and Staff Performance” The presentation will be informative, interactive, experiential, and humorous.
Auditorium ABC
2:15-2:30 pm Break Rotunda
2:30–3:30 pm Keynote Part 2 | Dr. Brian Ogawa Auditorium ABC
3:30–4 pm Closing and Door prizes | must be present to win Auditorium ABC


  • Attendance – For Staff Development Day the work day is 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Lunch is paid time. Please clock in just like you normally would. If you don’t need to go to your desk, you may use any computer in the library to get to Paycom. Your supervisor will clock you out at the end of the day. All full time staff are required to attend. If you are unable to attend for any reason, submit your request to Gina Millsap directly after verbally checking-in with your supervisor, who will determine if your request is reasonable. If your request is submitted to Gina Millsap, please copy your supervisor.
  • Business casual – It’s okay to wear jeans on the 18th!


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