More Staff Development!

Did you know? We only have 352 days until our next Staff Development Day! With 50 weeks to go, that sounds like 50 ways to increase our awareness of how we interact with our customers to enhance their experiences. We are going to meet up right here on the Intranet to discuss our success stories, moments of opportunity,  and ponder “what-if” together. We have plans to provide training sessions, discussions, and more. All we need is YOU!


I appreciate the opportunity to travel this journey together and I hope to see many positive enhancements to help create an even more supportive team. That begins with everyone participating in sharing their interactions to support our mission. Everyone here deserves a Kudos for your commitment to serving our community and I am proud to join #TeamTSCPL

Thank You for all of your thoughtful feedback from last Monday and please, keep them coming!

SDD <——Please click to review the keynote presentation. Do you know what our brand is yet?

Happy Friday 🙂


“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

– Karen Lamb

2 thoughts on “More Staff Development!

  1. Lissa Staley on said:

    Okay – here is something I want to learn more about and improve – helping customers with low literacy use the library more independently. Many of them loved the DVD Dispenser catalog because it was set up to be browseable by cover art and automatically searched what was in. I saw customers with low literacy using that catalog to find 3-day-high-late-fee movies even when the same movies were readily available because of the easier-to-use interface. Another experience I had yesterday reminded me of this. While helping a customer figure out whether we owned certain items and request them, the customer asked about whether we had an app so he could do it himself. We were already using the public do-it-yourself catalog together, but in talking to him, he shared that he wasn’t a strong speller so he frequently used the voice dictation feature on his iPhone. So, I helped him add the library’s mobile website to his phone’s home screen and we tested it out. IT WORKED GREAT! Then I made him agree to still stop by to say hello, now that he isn’t really going to need my help anymore. What if we found more ways to help customers with lower literacy skills be able to locate the items they want and need more independently?

    • Cindy Hohl on said:

      Hi Lissa, great suggestion. As with any training request, I have sent this over to our trainers Kate & Shari for their review as well. With our training modules, we incorporate all learning styles to support everyone in the room. This method could also be applied when having a one-on-one discussion with a customer (just as you did) to listen effectively and process the cues that the customer needs a different format to gather their information. Thank you for sharing your “moment of truth” with yet another happy customer of TSCPL!