Training & Professional Development

The Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (TSCPL) is a LEARNING ORGANIZATION committed to offering employees a wide selection of training and professional development opportunities. Our vision is to establish an innovative and enhanced education program that emphasizes staff wellbeing and advancement. Staff Development helps to ensure the Library maintains its focus on excellence in team leadership.

The TSCPL Staff Training and Professional Development Program:

  • Improves external and internal customer service
  • Invigorates the need for personal improvement
  • Instills confidence throughout the organization
  • Improves group communication skills
  • Offers curricula for independent learning and self-mastery to encourage staff to seek and apply relevant and necessary skills to their work
  • Cultivates an open environment for dialog, discussion, and engagement in team learning
  • Develops a shared understanding of how to work together to grow the Library into a stronger organization
  • Builds employee morale and resilience

Training Schedule

Training will be scheduled on an on-going basis throughout the year on multiple days and times to assure all staff have the ability to attend.

Upcoming Sessions

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Class Name Date & Time

Training Program

Track 1: New Employee Orientation & Onboarding (NE)

  • The TSCPL will integrate new employees to the Library culture and provide the necessary tools and information needed to become a productive member of the Library team. Training in this series will enhance the new employee experience. Additional information is available at

Track 2: Staff Development Day (SDD) & Annual Training (AT)

  • Courses will address Library-wide concerns and be offered to promote unity and morale.

Track 3: Specialized Tracks (ST)

  • Customer Service Excellence
    Improve external and internal customer service. Application and refinement of basic communication skills to typical customer service situations will be covered. Employees will understand the service philosophy and expectations of the Library.
  • Diverse Customer Focus
    Focuses on the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to become effective, ethical, and compassionate professionals who engage in creative approaches to meet diverse individual, community, and societal needs.
  • Safety & Security
    Awareness of Library policies and procedures relevant to emergency preparedness, including natural disasters and security situations.
  • Computer Use/Hardware Knowledge
    Basic computer skills, including understanding of commonly used Library hardware and software.
  • Increasing Productivity & Wellness
    Ways to manage stress and cope with anxiety to improve work performance.
  • Special Topics
    Topics will vary from year to year and will be announced in advance.

Track 4: Supervisor/Leadership Program (SLP)

  • Courses will develop supervisory skills for persons engaged in management and leadership roles at the TSCPL.

Staff Development Day

The TSCPL holds an annual Staff Development Day, held on each President’s Day in February. The day typically consists of a full day of plenary presentations, a keynote, breakout workshops, and interactive/experiential learning activities.

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