The Slice Archive

Hey you guys, Welcome to The Slice! You may be wondering what these emails are all about.

It’s a biweekly email featuring articles, podcasts,TEDtalks and websites connected to our community impact goals. Why are we doing this? Inspired by Miguel Figuroa’s, ALA Center for the Future of Libraries email newsletter, we wanted to create something for you that’s quick and easy to read with links to web content connected to our community impact goals. We want to give you a slice of the web in tasty, readable bites. Our goal is to cultivate your curiosity, kickstart conversation and find a useful outlet for all this web content we’ve been madly bookmarking.

The Slice is simply a resource for you to connect with but not the only channel for sharing articles or web content. These are our picks for web content we find compelling and worth sharing with you. We don’t necessarily agree with everything presented in the content we choose to feature in The Slice. In the words of Walt Whitman, we strive to “be curious, not judgmental.”

We’re inspired by the work each of you are engaged in with our community impact goals. Thanks in advance for experimenting along with us as we try this idea out. We welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas.

Scarlett & Amber