Track Equipment Certification for the L2TC

The library is requiring customers take an equipment orientation class before using the equipment in the new L2TC.  We’ll be using Polaris to keep track of who has been through the class.

Check the Customer Record

We’ll be using the custom field options in the Patron Registration Record to keep track of customers who’ve been through the orientation class.  Each type of equipment is listed separately with a simple checkbox – checked means YES, unchecked means NO.

In the client, find it in the Custom Data view (look for the pencil icon)

In LEAP, find it in the Attributes section

Searching on Custom Fields

Use the Patron Registration Find Tool to search on these new custom fields! Here’s an example of how to find ALL customers certified on the 3-D printer

  1. use the wildcard (asterisk) in the For field to search everyone
  2. In the Limit By field, select the custom question you want to lookup
  3. Select the YES to show you all customers who have gone through the class!



5 thoughts on “Track Equipment Certification for the L2TC

  1. Meredith Snepp on said:

    When a customer goes through the orientation, is it the responsibility of the staff member giving the presentation to go into Polaris/LEAP and update participant customer info/

    • Shannon Eddings on said:

      Yes, that would make the most sense. When you are doing the training, gather the account info to update the customers record upon completion.

  2. Dawn Buttery on said:

    Where do we go and/or direct patrons to find the classes for certification? I found one on Cricut use which is already done. I assume more will be coming.

      • Debbie Stanton on said:

        Also, all Level 2 Tech Center programming is tagged “technology” and includes “Level 2 Tech Center” in either the main heading or subheading, so that’s the best way to search in Communico or the Events page.