Communico and the Level 2 Tech Center

Level 2 Tech Center rooms and workstations will be bookable in Communico starting August 15!

On the staff side of Communico starting today, you will see two new booking types and some of the new workstations. This is still a work in progress.

  • Customers should be able to record for 3 hrs in one of the studios, and then on the same day, move to a workstation in the Digital Art Studio for 3 hrs to edit their recordings.
  • The CoLab rooms will not be ready on Aug 15.  Therefore, they will be visible to customers but not bookable. Effectively, those rooms will be closed in Communico until all the equipment arrives.

Finding L2TC Rooms in Communico

Below are the booking types and rooms within each.

Team Rooms and Tech Center

  • Team rooms 1-8
  • CoLab rooms A-E

Tech Center Equipment

  • Recording Studios A & B
  • 3-D printers
  • Cricut Maker Workstation

Tech Center Workstations

  • iMac workstations 1-3
  • PC workstations 1-3

Digital Art Studio is only bookable  by staff.  On the rare occasion you want to hold a program in that space, it will automatically block out all of the workstations in that space (iMac’s PC’s, 3-D printers, and Circut).

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