Polaris Upgrade Coming May 7

Saturday May 7 6PM- 12AM, Innovative Support will upgrade both Polaris and LEAP to version 7.1. This will be an off-hours upgrade, meaning Innovative Support performs the upgrade when the Library is closed.

In advance, Innovative support will upgrade the training site on Tuesday April 12. After April 12,  login to our LEAP training site and look around on your own time. We are skipping a few versions. Read the documentation for complete details on the new features available in 7.1(PDF’s)!

Highlights from the Documentation

The bulk of the updates bring more functionality into LEAP. Lots of Acquisitions, Serials, and Cataloging functions as well as some System Admin features will be available in LEAP 7.1!

  • Create Hold requests for multiple patrons on one title (6.7)
  • Generate and Print Notices  (6.7)
  •  Acquisitions (7.1)
    • FY & Funds
    • Invoices
    • Purchase Orders
  • Serials
    • CKI (6.6)
    • Creating and viewing issues/parts (7.0)
    • Serial Holdings (7.1)
  • Cataloging
    • Copy Cataloging (6.7)
    • Create, Edit, & Copy Bib Records (7.0)
    • Importing MARC Records (7.0)
    • Bulk changes including 006 and 007 (7.0)

Recorded Video Preview (12 min)

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