Coming Soon: Circulating MiFi Hotspots

Coming in January, customers will be able to checkout MiFi Hotspots just like they checkout books, DVDs, and CDs!

You might be asking “why is the library doing this?” There are several reasons. One third of our service population doesn’t have reliable internet access. This service supports all of the library’s CIG’s. This is not a new service in library-land.

The Service Details

  • Checkout is for 21 days and not renewable.
  • Anyone with a library account in good standing can check out a device (all ages).
  • One device per household is encouraged.
  • The MiFi Hotspots are hold-able at all branches. Expect customers to pick them up at a bookmobile stop, or have them delivered through the at home service.
  • MiFi’s will be checked out by staff at the Customer Service desk or any bookmobile.
  • MiFi’s should be returned to the Customer Service desk at the library or any bookmobile.
  • If the device is not returned or goes overdue, Internet access will be turned off. This will be monitored and managed by DS
  • The replacement fee for devices not returned is $199.
  • The boxes will contain an instruction sheet in both English and Spanish!

How Customers will get Support

  • Tier One customer support includes all staff who work the desks, answer phones, and or work in LibAnswers.
    • Always LOOKUP THE PATRON ACCOUNT…to verify their status, the device details, how long the device has been checked out, etc.
    • review the Public FAQ concerning MiFi’s with the patron as it applies to their question.. for answers on data usage and internet speeds.
    • when all else fails, send a ticket to tier two.
      fill out the referral form under the GET HELP menu on the Intranet
      send the LibAnswers ticket to the Digital Services Queue.
  • Tier Two customer support (DS)
    • Confer with staff that submit referrals
    • If needed, use the hotspot management system for in depth analysis of the device status, data usage etc.

Get Hands-on Experience First

We’re hosting four drop-in sessions called MiFi Hotspot TechPlay

  • Tue December 14, 2 pm Creative Group Workroom
  • Wed December 15, 12 pm Creative Group Workroom
  • Thu December 16, 5 pm Creative Group Workroom
  • Fri December 17, 10 am Creative Group Workroom

If you can’t make any of those times, check one out of the Tech Toolbox to learn on your own time!

9 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Circulating MiFi Hotspots

  1. Cale Herreman on said:

    I have a question. An entry in the FAQ list ( ) says that the connection may be slow if the Mifi has reached the data limit, and to call 785-580-4000 so staff can determine if that might be the case. Will we be trained to find that information, or will we have to transfer that customer to a DS staff member?

    • Shannon Eddings on said:

      Both the GB used and days left in the cycle are available on the device. Both the customer and staff should be able to figure that out without needing assistance!
      I will rework that ticket to include an image!

  2. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    How will the MiFi units be packaged? Just thinking about all the handling/activity required to get a unit from main to 1020 shelving, then on the bus in the holds section. Will they be in any sort of container so they don’t get lost in the shuffle? Thanks!

    • Shannon Eddings on said:

      hi Michelle,
      the hotspots are treated like kits, so all of the parts are kept (and transported) together along with an instruction sheet!

  3. kathryn-barnes on said:

    Where will these be stored before check out? Will they need anything done to them before they are available for the next check out? How many will we have available?

    • Shannon Eddings on said:


      1) WHERE THEY ARE STORED: Kelli or Paul can confirm, but I’ve been told they will be stored at the Customer Svc desk somewhere – the closet (?).

      2) CKI PROCESS: yes. the devices will need to be physically checked when they are returned. Not only to account for all of the parts and how much data is left in the cycle, but also that the device is functional (ie. power them on and check that they can still connect). This CKI process will also help us catch disabled devices that go overdue.

      3) HOW MANY DEVICES: We have 40 devices in total ready to circulate. As I understand it, we will start with 10 in January to test and/or adjust our internal workflows.

  4. Carrie Cummings on said:

    In the catalog it shows all 40 on order/in process. If we are only circulating 10 for a while will the other items be hidden so it isn’t confusing to anyone looking at the catalog?

    Also, can you attach the instructions that will be with each kit so we can see what the patron sees?

    • Shannon Eddings on said:

      yes all of the items are present in the catalog. we will make 10 available for the first month and leave the others in a status that makes them unavailable to fill holds. This is not any different from other titles the library orders replacement copies. That being said, hiding records from the PAC view is within the purview of Tech Services.

      Instructions will be included with each kit. they will be laminated and include both English and Spanish translations. that part is still a work in progress – the translation step. Once that is done, they will be added to each kit and ready to go.

      If you mean attach the instructions to the post? yes i can do that too!