Tech Tip for Setting up Back-to-Back Events

There’s a way to book back-to-back events when setup or breakdown times are different from the default settings. The key in Communico is the order of the steps!

Booking Back-to-Back Events

Learn how to book an event with custom setup and or breakdown times:

  1. Select the date and time
  2. Locate the room for the program.
    If the program time close to another event, selecting the room at this point will make the room unavailable because of the default setup/breakdown times – the button changes from ‘Available’ to ‘Unavailable’.
  3. Hover over the green section and drag it to a time that allows you to choose the room with the default setup/breakdown time.
  4. Select the ‘Available’ button next to the room. It will then change to ‘Chosen’.
  5. Then, toggle the setup time down to ‘0’ minutes.
  6. The final step is to hover and drag the booking time back to the original time (and add your equipment needs).
    The room should remain selected!
  7. Click the blue check to save the venue settings

The video shows how to book a back to back event in the Learning Center:


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