Brainstorming for the new tech space!

The best ideas can strike at any time and to capture those ideas and suggestions, the library is using a new website – Our first idea ‘campaign’ is focused on the second floor space that will soon turn into a public space dedicated to technology. The website is always open so you can share your idea in the moment and don’t have to wait to share it (aka- forget it before you get back to work)!

“Everything begins with an idea“

Earl Nightingale (1921 – 1989)
radio speaker and author

Find more information on the idea management concept, the campaign process, and suggestions for creating a stellar idea under the Staff Resources intranet menu.

Submitting an idea is easy

  • Locate Ideas@TSCPL in the Quick Links menu
  • Login to with your Windows credentials on any device.
  • Find the campaign you have a great idea for and click the Submit an Idea button.

Tech space campaign details

Title: What will the operational plan be for the new tech space?
Timeframe: August 9 -September 27
Team: Debbie Stanton, Marie Pyko, Matt Pettit, David King, Patrick Berry, Meg Porteous, Lissa Staley, Sherri Camp, Autumn Friedli, Brian Mithen.

The second floor space vacated by Technical Services will be turned into more public space dedicated to technology – computers, make-it lab activities, collaborative tech spaces. The library is looking for creative ways to engage the community with this service.

Each week we will focus on a specific question for you to share your ideas based on that question.  Even though there is a focus each week, submit your ideas anytime during the campaign!

  • Week 1: Who is the target audience of this space?
  • Week 2: How do we want the space to feel? (think of your senses – what might you see, hear, and touch in the space?)
  • Week 3: What compliment of resources do we want in the space? What kind of tech should be available in the space? (Hardware? Software? Educational resources?)
  • Week 4: What skills will staff need in this space and how might we consider staffing the space? (Who? What is the expectation of the work? What training would be needed?)
  • Week 5: How might we partner with people and organizations to make sure the space is utilized as intended?
  • Week 6: What are some ideas of what we could call this space? If someone asked you what this new space is, what might you tell them?


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