Team Rooms: Status Update

Two things you need to know about where we stand with the Team Rooms reservation system:

  1. Turning on the public booking function for the Team Rooms is managed by Communico Support. I opened a ticket first thing this morning.  While we wait for the public page to be available, please use the control panel to help customers book reservations.

As of 4/27: the website is available to the public for self-serve booking!

  1. Last year, we asked Communico Support to customize the room-booker app we use for the Team Rooms. these are two things we asked for:
    • a button that would allow the patron to confirm they showed up for their reservation
    • An auto-cancellation feature for bookings to be canceled without mediation from anyone – when the customer does not check-in.

As of today, the new rule is being applied – if the customer doesn’t sign in, their booking is automatically canceled. Additionally, the new room-booker webpage that allows customers to sign in are not available. This is another issue that only Communico Support can address.While we wait, please use the control panel to extend patron bookings in the Team Rooms.

As of 4/27: the iPad signs at each Team Room allow customers to sign in!


11 thoughts on “Team Rooms: Status Update

  1. Jayme Lyons on said:

    By “control panel” do you mean the page we log into as staff on the Communico program? I assume this is what you mean and there we can follow Debbie’s instructions as per her email. Is this correct? Sometimes I get the terminology confused.

    • Shannon Eddings on said:

      You are correct Jayme! when I refer to the control panel, i mean the site staff login to.

  2. Deborah Ellerbrook on said:

    How long after they fail to sign in is it before the reservation is cancelled?

    • Michelle Stottlemire on said:

      Brea – it’s embedded in the drop down “Team Room Rules” section (not super easy to find).

      • Brea Black on said:

        Aha! Thanks, Michelle. I had already clicked on the link at some point so it was purple in amongst the black text. If we could get a big “Reserve a Team Room” button (like the one on the meeting room page), that would help everyone.