New Communico Features

Communico released two new features in Attend! Both features are designed to simplify our workflow.

Email your Registrants from the Control Panel

It is now possible to email your registrants directly from the control panel.  Simply click the ‘more’ button and select ‘email registrants’ from the drop-down menu.

This will open a new screen that allows you to select which patron group you’d like to email (registered patrons, wait-list patrons, or both groups). By default, the event creator will appear as the sender, but you may choose to modify this. You will then enter your subject and add the body of your message into the text editor.

Integration with Zoom

When the venues labeled Virtual Room are selected in Attend, the zoom information is automatically added to the system registration and reminder emails as well as being available in the patron’s My Events view!  This feature is only setup for events with registration, not meetings.

Programmers: when you are setting up your Attend program with registration required, you can start the program on your own from the Communico control panel! You will no longer need the extra step of making a separate zoom meeting.

Creating a Virtual Event

Creating a Hybrid Event (the event is both in-person and virtual)

Limitations in our Current Configuration

  • Virtual Rooms in Communico only work in Attend when the event requires registration.
  • Virtual Rooms only work on NEW events.  For events already entered, changing the venue from External to a Virtual Room does not work. This is a bug and we reported it to Communico Support.

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