SmartAlec Wireless Printing Guides

Wireless printing is a great feature for customers to use, especially to keep visits short to the library. Did you know you can send documents to our print stations using your phone or computer, even from home? Ever have someone come in wanting to use wireless printing because they forgot their e-mail password, but you weren’t sure how exactly to help with their device?

Good news! I’ve created some handy-dandy quick guides for each type of phone and computer. These are very simple, easy to follow guides to help you through the process no matter which type of phone they use.

Before they get started downloading the app, the first question you need to ask them is “Do you have a library card?”. SmartAlec ONLY works with library cards, not guest passes. Feel free to send them to a catalog computer or the customer service desk to get registered for a library card today! Once they have a library card, you can follow the guide for either Android, iOS (iPhones/iPads) or using their own laptop/computer!

SmartAlec Android

SmartAlec iOS

SmartAlec PC Instructions and Troubleshooting

Hitting some snafus even after reading the guides? Take a look below and see if any of these tips might help. Feel free to post a question in the comments below and I or one of your colleagues might be able to answer it. If you need immediate help, always remember you can call Digital Services (x4600).


Troubleshooting Problems and Answers 

P: The document is not uploading, or no progress is being made on uploading the file. 

A: Make sure the device is connected to our Public Wi-Fi. Devices have low signal throughout the library and may have trouble uploading documents without connecting to our Wi-Fi.  


P: SmartAlec isn’t listed as an available print option.  

A: Ask if any other wireless printing apps are installed on the device. Sometimes you can tell by seeing if a different wireless printing app is available under printers. Some wireless printing apps will take priority of wireless printing and not allows SmartAlec to print. These may need to be uninstalled before SmartAlec will work. Please check with the customer before doing so.  


P: I’m getting a message stating “No available printers at this time”. 

A: This is caused by not being logged in through the app. Re-launch the SmartAlec app and make sure the library card and PIN are entered correctly and you are logged in. If the screen shows “Your print documents are shown below” then it is logged in correctly. Once logged in, return to the document you wish to print again. 


P: I’m trying to print from an iPhone and the print option isn’t available.  

A: Some apps may hide the print option, and share button, or may call it something else. You might have to play around in the menus to find the option. Look for wording such as “Send as PDF”, “Share” or other similar wording.  

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  1. Debbie Stanton on said:

    This is awesome, Jacob! Thanks so much for putting the time in to make this easier for the rest of us!