Troubleshooting the Public Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi upgrade went very well last month, but now we are in post-implementation where we still need to adjust some settings.

One area we need to adjust is our SSL message. SSL is a protocol for web browsers and servers that allows for the authentication, encryption and decryption. We know what the issue is but don’t have an ETA on when it will be fixed. In the mean time, there are a few ways to help customers:

“Not Secure” warning pageandroid-message

Sometimes customers will land on a warning page that tells them ‘the site you are going to is not secure.”  This is the most common scenario currently being reported.  Usually, the page includes a link to proceed to the intended page – the Wi-Fi Accept page we are all familiar with.

Help the customer locate the link to proceed to the accept page.

After accepting the library’s terms, their device should connect to the internet and they can resume normal activities.

The TSCPL-Public network is not visible

If the customer cannot locate the TSCPL-Public network in the lists of available networks, there is a minor hardware issue with the customer’s device. Before the customer can connect to TSCPL-Public, they will need to update their device’s wi-fi/network driver.

There really isn’t anything we can do for the customer.

School issued Chromebooks

Students with Chromebooks present a unique situation because the device has more restrictions than other customer’s personal devices. Chromebooks might not even get to the “not secure” page. This is the same scenario for Android phones, where customers are not able to proceed to the accept page.

In that case, try typing in the URL for the Wi-Fi Accept page: https://captiveportal-login.tscpl.organd  if HTTPS’ doesn’t work, try it without

3 thoughts on “Troubleshooting the Public Wi-Fi

  1. Debbie Stanton on said:

    Beyond the Chromebooks, standard laptops are having the same issue as well. I tried the above and it didn’t work on two HP laptops this morning, but the one fix that worked (thanks Todd!) was going into the URL, and removing the “s” from “https” then hitting enter.

  2. Debbie Stanton on said:

    Also a note on wifi that Miranda shared in Basecamp: “Per David, library WiFi is currently scheduled to be on from 7 am to 10pm every day, including Sunday. I helped a customer who wanted to schedule time with clients to use wifi in the parking lot. I imagine we’ll hear this question again this week.”

  3. Cale Herreman on said:

    Shannon just reminded me of this helpful post. I’ll bet I’m not the only one who could benefit by reading this again. Thanks, Shannon!