KNOWBE4 Digital Security Awareness Training

Earlier this year the Library began a new Digital Security Awareness Training campaign using the web-based platform, “KnowBe4.” Read about it here.

These trainings are required for all staff. You will receive an enrollment email when each program begins. Just click on the link in the email to login and start.

The schedule is outlined below. Please notice the start and end dates.

Restricted Intelligence Season 3: Ep 04 – It’s Come to My Attention (Homeworking)
Launch date: 4/20/2020
Completion deadline: 8/31/2020
This video shows the security issues that could occur when working from home. Length: 5 minutes

2020 Danger Zone
Launch date: 7/27/2020
Completion deadline: 10/31/2020
In this exercise you will learn to spot real-world social engineering attacks by guiding your computer user through potential social engineering attacks.
Length: Approximately 10 minutes

Supplemental Resources:
Secure Click

Secure Passwords 
Launch date: 9/01/2020
Completion deadline: 10/1/2020
This video explains what you need to watch out for when generating, using, and storing passwords to prevent data theft, spam, and internet purchases in your name. Length: 2 minutes

Supplemental Resources:
The Best Password Managers to Secure Your Digital Life
The Knowledge Base: Strong Passwords

Respecting Privileged Access
Launch date: 11/01/2020
Completion deadline: 1/1/2021
One of the keys to preventing security incidents is respecting privileged access. Users will learn what that means and how it’s accomplished using common sense and standard security procedures.
Length: 12 minutes

Supplemental Resource: Privileged Access Management

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