Library drives available on Office365

Digital Services recently completed migrating the library’s network files. That means everyone’s M-drive, department drives, and the global drive are now accessible at and its available – TODAY!

Finding files in Office365

First and foremost, make sure you login with your library credentials.


  • Access it directly at
  • Everything in your old M drive now lives in OneDrive.
  • Find anything you save from (web) Outlook in the Attachments folder.
  • Share files from OneDrive with co-workers instead of moving it to a different location like G drive.
  • The nav-bar on the left has quick links to recently opened files, files shared with you and files you’ve shared, as well as shortcuts to any team folders you are part of including department and global.


  • Find department and global files in SharePoint


Its been installed on library computers for a few months and maybe you’ve already used the chat feature. Teams is so much more!

  • Chat with individuals or broadcast a message to your department
  • Have a virtual meeting!  It is very similar to Zoom and ideal for small groups of 6 or less people.
  • View your OneDrive files, department files and calendar!
  • If you need a team created, please email helpdesk.  That feature is currently limited to DS admins
  • Team owners can add/remove members on your own – without DS mediation!

Learn More about Office365 at

Login to with your library card and search for these videos

  • OneDrive Quick Tips (25m)
  • Microsoft Teams Quick Tips (24m)
  • Learning SharePoint Online (1h 40m)

More in-depth learning:

  • Microsoft Teams Essential Training (2hr 2m)
  • SharePoint Online Essential Training the basics (3h 17m)

5 thoughts on “Library drives available on Office365

  1. Jim Mosher on said:

    I’m not finding any of my files. Is it possible my data was not transferred?

  2. Shannon Eddings on said:


    For OneDrive, from your M drive should appear under the main Files section – even files normally saved in the Windows documents and desktop folders. Find your department drive docs on the left nav-bar.

  3. Rhonda Cathey on said:

    Should I assume all files were transferred? I noticed one file in particular is not there and it is the one containing all my evaluation info, my mileage logs, and storytime attendance logs. I have been asked if it was on my desktop instead of in my folder but it is not my customary practice to leave anything on my desktop as I know it can easily be lost. I can’t say if any other files are missing but the one i have labeled “forms” is not there.

  4. Rhonda Cathey on said:

    I seem to have access only to the Communication Dept. Files as well as my files.
    I am denied access to the YS Dept. files/documents.

    • Shannon Eddings on said:

      Rhonda, please email for help if you don’t see your dept drives in SharePoint. With every migration, cleanup is needed and we are working on the details!