Accessing G and L drives at work

There are two ways to access department and global files from your workstation:

In a Browser

Login to with your library credentials and select SharePoint.

    • Every group you are a member of should appear as tiles in the main page
    • Shortcuts to your groups are also listed in the OneDrive left nav-bar.

How to find L-drive files (departments are the same):

    • Open the Global tile.
    • Navigate to the Documents area – find it in the left nav-bar.
    • Open the folder called Global Drive

Sync to your workstation

Setup is required to add local links in your File Explorer on your workstation:

    • Start from the browser and login to with your windows credentials and select SharePoint.
    • Navigate to your dept documents or whichever folder you want to create a shortcut to.
    • In the menu bar at the top of your screen, select the Sync option.

      click for larger image

    • It will take a few minutes and after syncing your File Explorer should include these two locations:
File explorer navigation menu

OneDrive = M Drive, TSCPL = G&L drive

Please email if you don’t see your department or global in SharePoint or you are missing files.

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