Communico: we’re working on it

Here’s what we’re working on right now

We’re working with support:

  • The upper and lower rotunda displays are incorrectly displaying
  • Making the font on the digital signage for the meeting rooms bigger
  • Room Booker tab on the team rooms doesn’t align with availability
  • Not all event types are displaying properly

Other things to be aware of:

  • Several staff reported that the mobile app is still in beta in Google Play.  It’s okay to install it.
  • The process for the Make-it lab reservations is new.  Its available to book just like the team rooms, and a temporary iPad will be in place tomorrow (2/4).
  • The lookup feature on the customer side wont work for imported bookings from EMS.  imported bookings are not linked to barcodes and did not send them a confirmation email.
    > WHAT TO DO: From the staff side under the details button, it is possible to resend the booking details to the customer – the email will have the reference number.

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