Communico: status update

It’s been almost four weeks since we went live on Communico and I wanted to cheeck in and give a status update on a few details:

Cleanup:  double bookings

Last week on the 18th (I think), Communico Support re-imported the reserve bookings to correct an issue with our setup times – the system was not respecting them, allowing bookings to overlap. When they corrected the setup time issue, they used the same booking records from Feb 3 and copied the group name into the booking title field in reserve.

I’m working through the imported bookings, updating the booking title. When I come across a double booking (when there is both an event and a meeting booking for the same program) I just cancel the meeting.  This will trigger a cancellation message.

You might get a cancellation message. In that case, I will indicate the issue in the cancellation reason which is included in the message!

Finding all of today’s bookings

Find all of today’s bookings under the Events button at the top of the intranet!  The page has three tabs: Meetings and Events, Team Room Bookings, and Make it Lab bookings!

On the staff side of Communico, there is a report called Today’s Event Schedule available under Reports in the left nav bar. Export or download in CSV or PDF, and for the truly adventurous JSON or XML.

Mobile App

The published app is now available in both the iOS store and Google Play!

Android users: If you were an early adopter and downloaded the app during beta testing, the app page will always say (Beta) until you leave the beta program.  If you need help finding the link to leave, contact your friendly Digital Services team!

Report Needs

There are no default reports in Communico and we’ll have to build them,  Do you keep program stats?  Leave a comment and tell us what you need!

One thought on “Communico: status update

  1. Rachael Schmidtlein on said:

    Love it! The digital signs are so nice and I’m personally loving the reservability (I just made that word up) of the Make It Lab so THANK YOU!