Communico: events and team rooms

There’s a few things we’ve learned after five days on Communico:


  • Mark  staff only events as Private
    we learned that staff only event types are only hidden in the filter and if the private toggle is not set to YES, will display in the daily feed. (outreach, internal / tours, and staff training)
    – find it at the bottom of the events form in Attend

Team Rooms

  • It’s going to take more staff mediation
  • Managing bookings from the staff side of Communico offers a lot more flexibility when helping customers – we’re not limited to what is available on the room signage iPad displays
  • No Show cancellations are a two-step process:
    1) mark as No Show after 15 min  – this is a patron flag
    2) cancel booking to free up the space.
  • The Reason for cancellation field is public
    1) it is included in the cancellation message to the customer so keep it professional.
    2) this applies to all bookings in Reserve, not just Team rooms
  • Managing the customer’s daily time limits:
    1) canceling a booking basically resets the daily limit clock for a partially used booking
    2) Adjust the booking time to actual time used.when a customers notify staff they are done early,

4 thoughts on “Communico: events and team rooms

  1. Sherry Best on said:

    Tonight (Feb. 7) we are finding that we can either mark as no-show OR cancel. Once we mark as no-show, the “cancel booking” button goes light grey and is no longer available. We can “cancel no-show” to get back to “cancel reservation.”

    • T. J. Troughton on said:

      I’m having the same problem when I log in and try. It seems like some of us are able to do it and some aren’t. I wonder if there is a setting that some have ‘on’ and others don’t.

  2. Shannon Eddings on said:

    If a booking is marked as no-show, it is no longer necessary to mark canceled. The room is available for booking with either change. its either one or the other, not both.

    I also found that after marking no-show, the cancel option is still available if the webpage does not refresh.

  3. donna-casey on said:

    I’m trying to figure out an easy way to find where staff training is scheduled. I used to look on EMS at the room assignments to figure out where it was. I have tried logging in to Communico and searching for Staff Training events under Attend events. It didn’t find anything for February through April and I know that can’t be right. Does anyone else have a way they do this?