New system for answering ebooks questions!

We are excited to announce that this year brings a new way to support you in answering ebook questions as well as reporting issues and concerns related to digital content. This includes a visual workflow that you can reference in person and in the call center. You will also have access to a referral form available to refer more advanced ebook questions to the ebooks team. With your help, our goal is to make Overdrive, hoopla, and the whole system of managing digital collections a better experience for you and for our customers.

What this means for you:

Do not be afraid of ebooks questions! We are here to help! Many of you have been emailing me directly about ebook questions or concerns.  We would like you to first use this workflow to answer customer account and device questions related primarily to Overdrive and Hoopla. This workflow will be posted in the call center. Feel free to print it out (or email me for a copy) and keep where you would find it most convenient at service points.

You will see that step 4 is to refer the question if a solution has not been found. If the issue is not resolved after answering the questions in the workflow, refer the question to the ebooks team by filling out the simple “Ebook Referral for Staff” interactive form on the Intranet under the Resources tab. This will help you know what questions to ask and neatly get the information off to ebooks team with minimal further work from you. It helps the ebooks team to have complete and easy-to-read information when handling questions that need deeper intervention. The form is clean and quick- go check it out. (Thanks, Shannon!)

NOTE: clicking the blue “Learn More” link here in the form will walk you through a step-by-step process for authorizing devices.



If we need additional or brush-up training on assisting customers with ebooks questions, we will make those available- please let me know. I am also happy to walk through this with you or bring you up to speed if you require some fundamentals.

Please only send general questions or business about ebooks to OR IF A CUSTOMER JUST HAS A NEW LIBRARY CARD NUMBER OR EMAIL TO UPDATE, email with old and new barcodes or a new email address for hoopla. I may just add this option to the form if that is easier for everyone to keep straight.

Any questions or suggestions, please post them here or email Thank you!

4 thoughts on “New system for answering ebooks questions!

  1. Debbie Stanton on said:

    Quick note: The Sherri mentioned at the bottom of the workflow chart is actually Shari Schawo. Thanks!

  2. amber bonnett on said:

    ALSO a printeable version is available on the L Drive. Groups&Teams\Digital Branch\Instruction Sheets