New Meeting Room System Coming Soon

Earlier this year the library contracted with Communico to replace several systems. This web-based platform will replace EMS, Program Book, Team Room reservations, and the Janus digital displays as well as add a mobile app!

Whew, that’s a lot!

Our primary goal with the new system is to simplify and streamline both the room booking process and programming process. We started implementation on July 18 and we are working hard on the documentation.  Once the site is setup, we’ll start training and testing and our target date for going live on the new system is November 2019.

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know in advance once we have firm dates for everything!

Why did we choose Communico?

Cool Features in Attend (library programs)

  • print a brochure on the fly
  • add an event to your personal calendar
  • add the library events to your RSS
  • patrons can register with their library card

Cool Features in Reserve (room bookings)

  • online payment option
  • predefined easy layout options
  • simple and easy to use design
  • book a (team) room with your library card

Cool Features in Broadcast (digital displays)

  • easy to create
  • easy to schedule
  • easy to display

Cool Features in Engage (library app)

  • it support apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle
  • keep a digital copy of your library card in the app – so it’s always on hand
  • scan a barcode in a store; check if the library has the item

Need to see it live?

Seasons County Library is Communico’s public-facing demo site.  Be sure to check out the Events and Room Booking sections of the website and play with it. Book a room or two – they behave differently. Add an event to your calendar or see how the brochure works!

4 thoughts on “New Meeting Room System Coming Soon

  1. Patrick Berry on said:

    When I clicked on the web-based platform link, I saw all the options available or coming to their service. Will we be getting a phone app? Will we be utilizing some of the other functions they have or are developing?

    • Shannon Eddings on said:

      Hi Patrick,
      Our current implementation plan only includes the modules listed. That being said, it is possible we would add other modules in the future.

  2. Betty Neal on said:

    Does this system collect programming stats or will we do this somehow differently?