Email Service Interruption

Email service has been restored. Digital Services identified and corrected the issue.

  • If I sent an email yesterday or this morning, do I need to re-send it?
    • Yes, we unfortunately do not have any logs that show which emails were or were not sent. Normally when there is a disruption of service, emails will be stored and re-tried for about 24 hours before finally failing and giving up. When it gives up in this manner, you will get a NDR (non-delivery report) in your inbox, letting you know the email failed to send. In this instance, emails were simply dropped and no NDR was sent.
  • Does this affect internal emails only? Or external emails only?
    • This issue affected any emails sent internally AND externally. We were receiving emails from outside the whole time, but any replies you may have made were not delivered.

6 thoughts on “Email Service Interruption

  1. Cadie Maas on said:

    I also can not download from Paycom. I was trying to save a paystub to my desktop and it said “network failure”. Thanks!

  2. Debbie Stanton on said:

    Please note, this also means emails from the Sick Phone are down. If you are running late or will be missing work please call your Supervisor/Manager to let them know. Thanks!

  3. Kate Hughes on said:

    REGISTRATION for Staff Classes is DOWN as well. Intranet will take your registration, but neither, supervisors or you the staff member receive confirmation or information. You can call Kristin or me with any training requests. Thank you!

  4. Zan Popp on said:

    Question: “Update #1: It appears that internal email does not work, but external email does work.”
    Does this mean that we can send external emails or only receive them? I am trying to figure out if the external emails I sent yesterday left the building, or if I will need to resend them when you give us the “all clear”.

  5. Debbie Stanton on said:

    Do you have an estimate of time for when the service interruption started? If I look at my “Sent Items” folder, is there any way to know which emails to resend?