Phone Upgrade is Coming On January 19-20!

We are upgrading our phone system on January 19-20. Our VOIP phone system, Shoretel, was recently purchased by another VOIP phone company – Mitel. So the logo for the VOIP software is changing.

We are also doing a much-needed software upgrade. This will allow the library to run the newest version of phone software (back- and front-end), and should make everyone’s life easier (well, at least as it relates to using our phones!).

What’s this upgrade mean for you? Here’s a breakdown of what is changing.

Physical phones: The functionality and menus are staying the same.

Mobile phones (iPhones): staying the same.

Soft Phones: This software is being upgraded. The functionality is the same (it’s still a phone!), but the software will look different. Here are some instructions on how to use the new soft phone app:

  • Make a phone call:
    • Click the Dial Pad icon and type in the phone number.
    • For internal calls, type the person’s name into the search box to the right of the Dial Pad icon and double click the name when it appears.
  • Answer a call: Click the Green phone icon.
  • End a call: Click the Red phone icon.
  • Access Voicemail: Voicemail is sent to your email inbox. If you want to listen to it through the phone software, click the Voicemails tab and select the voicemail you want to listen to.
  • Transfer a call: When on a call, Click the Transfer icon (phone with an arrow icon), and do one of three things:
    • Blind Transfer: Type the person’s name/number, then click Transfer
    • Consultative Transfer (talk to the person before you transfer): Type the person’s name/number, then click Consult. Share whatever you need to with the other person, then click Transfer again.
    • Voicemail Transfer: Type the person’s name/number, then click Voicemail.

We will start after close on Saturday, January 19, and will be upgraded by opening on Sunday January 20. We’ll make sure to have some DS staff in the Call Center at noon on January 20 to answer questions, make sure everything works appropriately, etc. Kristin and Kate are planning to hold some Phone Basics classes that will cover the most-used phone options (look for those classes soon).

Want more information? Here’s a Quick Reference guide that can help navigate some of these phone features (please ignore the Share Screen and the IM features mentioned in the guide). Take a peek at the guide before you use the new VOIP software.

5 thoughts on “Phone Upgrade is Coming On January 19-20!

    • David Lee King on said:

      Hi Matt! We have a call in to the vendor on that. We’ll let you know once we hear more.

  1. Brian Mithen on said:

    Matt, your contacts will be saved during the upgrade. Same goes with voicemails/away messages/etc.