Summer Learning: Read Squared

Summer as a whole has been filled with all sorts of absolutely fabulous program opportunities that have been well attended by the public and have involved a greater number of invested, enthusiastic staff.  That has been fantastic to see transpire.  I mention that because I do not want to lose site of that whole library involvement or of other positives of how Summer Learning is going.

Not everything for Summer Learning has gone as well so far, the incentive program through Read Squared being one of those.  It has been at an all time low all summer long.  This year opportunity to participate goes through AUG 20, so it is not over yet.  Here is where we stand right now:  2,172 people are registered.  Of those 591 have completed the program.  In total people have recorded reading 814,243 minutes of our 3 million minutes goal.

How does that compare to other years?  See the table below for figures on previous years (8 weeks of summer).  Note that in 2015 we did not track minutes.  That said, we knew that completing participants read minimally 12 hours.  That figure would then be 3,098,880 which is where the concept of 3 million community minutes came from. This probably is not the best forum for discussing possible why’s and what to do about them, but do ruminate on those things.  Opportunity for input will fall at another time.

  2015 2016 2017 2018
Registered 9120 7500 5869 2172
Completed 4304 1991 1309 591
Total minutes 2,970,539 3,578,832 814,243

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