LibAnswers: macro tips

Macros can be a major time saver when answering repetitive questions from the public! Here’s how its done in LibAnswers.

Who can create macros:

Anyone! Regular-level users (that’s you!) can create their own private macros to use when answering tickets. Admin-level users (our sys-admins), can create macros for specific queues or share them system-wide.

Creating a macro:

  1. Find the macro page under Admin > Macros
  2. Click on the Create a Macro
  3. Fill in the fields:
    1. In the Action Type field, choose whether you want the macro to be available when replying to tickets, or when transferring tickets to another queue/user.
    2. In the Title Field, give your macro a descriptive name.
    3. In the Queue field, choose whether to make this macro available to just a specific queue.
    4. In the Message field, use the rich text editor to write the text of your macro.
    5. In the Set Status To field, choose whether or not to change the ticket’s status when using this macro. For example, if you are transferring a ticket to another queue, you could update the ticket’s status to Open so that other users will see it on their dashboard.
    6. In the Tag Ticket With field, select one or more tags to apply to tickets using the macro. This makes it easy to consistently categorize certain types of questions with the same tags.
  4. If you only want to create a macro for personal use, click on the Keep this Macro Private
  5. Click the Save

Get all the details on macros at SpringShare support.

Save time with a macro:

  • Build a ready made reply.

Do you find yourself retyping the same answers over and over? This would be a perfect solution to that scenario. Scarlett built one special for her Treehouse inquiries.  We get a lot of requests from people who don’t meet our eligibility requirements so to save time, she created a ready-made reply that is one click and done.

  • Build a Signature.

    If you like to include lots of information and hyperlinks in your signature, this is the way to go because macros use the rich text editor. The signature field in your account settings is not as robust nor does it allow for custom placement in the correspondence thread.

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