Planning ahead for Polaris and LEAP

We need to prepare for upcoming changes to Polaris and LEAP. Digital Services is  starting to plan a transition to more LEAP-only workstations.

Did you know we’ve been living with LEAP since 2015?! That’s a long time and we’ve seen lots of new features added in every upgrade in that time (check out the highlights from the upgrades to  5.6, 5.2, and 5.1).

At the Innovative Users Conference last month, Innovative shared some highlights of what they are working on and what we can expect in the next few upgrades of Polaris and LEAP. For example, bulk change is coming to LEAP! With the coming upgrades LEAP will reach a level of parity with the client in both circulation and search functions, which make it possible to transition to LEAP-only workstations.

What’s happening today:

Early this month, Digital Services added a desktop shortcut to LEAP on everyone’s desktop. To prepare for this change, login and familiarize yourself with how LEAP works.

The next time we upgrade:

When the time comes (6-9 months from now at the earliest), Digital Services will review the new features included in the upgrade to determine who will be transitioning to a LEAP only workstation. As always, we’ll let you know who is affected before we upgrade!


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