BiblioCommons: Child Account Permissions

The Child Account Permissions feature in BiblioCommons is related to the social aspects of the catalog.  Children under 13 are not allowed to display their real names, nor can they type their own usernames, enter comments or add other kinds of content that require typing, since these could be used inappropriately. This brings the catalog into compliance compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Find more information on COPPA here.

This feature does not affect any rules set in Polaris related to request limits or checkout limits. For example, allowing your 10 year old to comment and rate titles in BiblioCommons does not allow them to check out R-rated movies.

How parents can grant permission

In BiblioCommons, parents have the ability to give their children access to these social aspects of the catalog by following these steps:

  1. Have the parent sign into their BiblioCommons account.
  2. From the drop-down menu in the upper right, choose “My Settings.”
  3. Select “Child Account Permissions.”
  4. Click “Grant Permission.”
  5. Enter their child’s library card number and birth date.
  6. Click “Grant Permission.”
  7. Add additional children following the same steps.


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