Public Computer change starting Monday March 12

We are implementing a change to Comprise/SAM on our public computers. Library customers with charges on their card will now be able to use all public computers, Team Room computers, etc. without restrictions.

Some details:

  • Comprise (our vendor) plans to make this change on Monday, March 12 before we open.
  • This only affects public computers and Team Room computers.
  • This does not affect checkouts, ebook usage, etc.
  • We should see fewer guest passes being issued over time

Have any questions? Please ask!

2 thoughts on “Public Computer change starting Monday March 12

  1. Kyler Carpenter on said:

    More often than not customers seek a guest pass because they don’t have their cards with them in the youth area. But, does this mean that if they DO have charges, they can have a guest pass?

  2. Ruth Rodden on said:

    Yes, Kyler, if the customer has charges on their account they can still get a guest pass. We will still add a note to their account, if they have one, so they don’t get more than one pass per day. If they don’t have their card with them, but have a card, also go into SAM Activity Manager, Modify Account, and check the box for “user is on PC” so they don’t use both their card and the guest pass.