Team Room Reservations Issues

I would like to thank everyone for their patience with the Team Rooms Reservations System. This post contains the known issues and will be updated as each issue is fixed.

Public Reservation Page:

Library Reservations Management Page:

IMPORTANT!!  A new version of the Reservation software was installed on the iPads this morning (Thursday, 1/4/18) with major changes. A library card is now required to reserve a room, even on the iPads. Patrons are no longer auto-checked in when their reservation starts, they will need to CHECK-IN on the iPad. If they leave a room early, they can CHECK-OUT.

  • Ability to create duplicate and overlapping reservations.
    FIXED: You can no longer create a duplicate reservation from the TSCPL.ORG web site.
    NOT FIXED: You can still create an overlapping reservation from the iPads.
    FIXED: You can no longer create an overlapping reservation from the iPads.
  • Future reservations can not be made on the iPads.
    FIXED: You can now make reservations on the iPads for NOW or any time up to 7 days in advance.
  • Reservations can be made for dates that the library is closed.
    The reservation system currently ignores holidays.
  • Patrons can reserve rooms for more than 3 hours per day.
  • Reservations are not automatically dropped after not checking in for 15-minutes.
    This still is not working. Working on a fix.
  • Instant reservations do not require library card.
    A patron can hit the “check-in” button if a room is currently available and reserve the room immediately for up to 3 hours.  It does not require a library card at this time.  And it CAN overlap a future reservation.
    All reservations now require a valid library card. You can no longer quick reserve a room without a valid library card.
  • Patrons can not cancel or edit their reservations.
  • On the back-end, reservation times are displayed in military time and should be displayed in a 12-hour time format.
    This is a bug in the software used for accessing the Team Rooms on the back-end. I have put in a trouble-ticket with them to have it fixed. They have acknowledged the bug and will fix it in their next release. There is no date projected.
  • On the back-end you can select Team Room 9.  This is a fictitious room created for beta testing code. Please do not use it.
  • The back-end is RAW which means it does not adhere to any rules. You can add a reservation after hours, more than 7 days out, and create overlapping reservations.  If you are creating a reservation for a customer, please use the Public Web Site page and not the back-end.

The time frame for getting everything fixed is by Tuesday morning, January 2nd.  Until then, your continued patience is appreciated.

If you know of any other issues, please post them in the comments and I will add them to the list.  As each item is fixed, I will update this post with the result.

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18 thoughts on “Team Room Reservations Issues

  1. Lissa Staley on said:

    Customers with a library card who are on a payment plan to resolve their account issue can reserve a room with their library card but then when they try to log into the computer in the room using the guest pass that we issue them because they are current on a payment plan, the room arbitrarily limits them to 30 minutes of computer time because they are using a guest pass. (Customers this morning had a tutoring appointment, were quite frustrated and hope we can resolve the situation.)

    • Marie Pyko on said:

      Lissa- I will talk with Ruth about this. We need to figure out a better solution than simply opening up the use of the computer to guest passes. I understand why we originally did this for people on a payment plan but it doesn’t seem to be a solution for the new room usage. I will let everyone know what the solution is for this once we have one.

  2. Kimberly Sain on said:

    Last Thursday evening, reservations were retained after the 15-minute grace period. Do you have an update regarding online reservations being deleted 15 minutes after the reservation start time, which would be considered a no-show and release that reservation for someone else? Thanks–Kim

  3. Keely Moore on said:

    I had an unpleasant experience in the fact that a woman registered for a room-on the ipad, and there were people currently in there. She waited for her time (1.30) and politely asked the man if they would be done shortly. He rudely told her that he wasn’t going anywhere and she could find someone else to “kick out of a room”. She came to the Customer Service desk and asked me what she should do. I went with her to try and find a librarian and when I couldn’t locate one, I found Nate and Travis in the stacks. I explained the situation and Travis said they will have to leave then. The three of us went to that room and the man was agitated and angry. He said he WOULD NOT LEAVE, WE CANNOT MAKE HIM LEAVE AND WE CAN BULLY SOMEONE ELSE. I had to leave at that point, but it was unpleasant to say the least.

  4. Marie Pyko on said:

    Keely- I am sorry you had that experience. I worked with Travis and Nate and we were able to find a space for the couple who were waiting. I have reported this issue to David and it is at the top of the issues list as needing to be worked on.

  5. Lissa Staley on said:

    Hi! The previous study room reservation system allowed people to reserve up to a week in advance, which meant if they were at a 9 am meeting on Thursday they could set up their reservation for the next weekly meeting at that time. (I think that worked well for people organizing group meetings). The current system appears to allow people to reserve up to 6 days in advance, so if I want to meet again at the same time next week, I have to wait until the day after to reserve it. Is that change by design or could we allow people to reserve a full week in advance? Thank you for considering this enhancement/change. Lissa

    • Dave Navarro, Jr. on said:

      This has been fixed. It now shows today, plus 7 more days on both the web site and on the iPads.

  6. Deborah Bryan on said:

    I observed a boy (around 10 or so) playing with the iPad next to one of the rooms one day – he had managed to get it out of the “Kiosk” mode and to the home screen. There wan’t much he could do with it, he was just exploring all the different apps and when I came up behind him and stared at him he left. I then figured out how to get the iPad back into “kiosk” mode via the kiosk app (not sure of the proper name) and it went back to normal. I’m not sure how the boy got it out of that mode, other than maybe he mashed down really hard on where the home button would be?

    Just thought I’d share my observation in case it happens again.

    • Dave Navarro, Jr. on said:

      There is a small hole in the iPad case where you can insert a paperclip that will take the iPad out of KIOSK mode. We can’t disable it at the moment because of a bug in iOS. Waiting on a fix from Apple.

  7. michelle-morris on said:

    Today while working media I encountered an issue with a double reservation in Team Room 4. ‘Library patron’ had the room booked from 3:30-6:30. A staff member had the room booked from 4:00-6:00. Staff member was unable to use her reservation because the other person was already in the room, and had indeed made a reservation. All other team rooms were in use. Thankfully this was a staff member and was very understanding! I went ahead and deleted her reservations, since she wasn’t able to use them. It was my understanding that double booking rooms was no longer an issue, so I wanted to make sure to mention this. Also, I know the staff member made her reservation online earlier today, but I don’t know when/where the library patron made his reservation, or if those details make a difference. Thanks.

  8. Zan Popp on said:

    Not sure if this has come up yet, name of patron on the display. Once a patron logs into the room, their name disappears. It just reads “library patron “ on the display. How do we verafy the correct patron if the reservation name is no longer visible?

    • Dave Navarro, Jr. on said:

      I have been trying to duplicate this for 30 minutes, and I haven’t been able to. Every reservation I make, when I “Check In” it leaves my name.

  9. Kimberly Sain on said:

    There are multiple overlapping reservations in Team Room 1 starting at 11:00 today, Saturday, January 13. I emailed Dave.

  10. Carrie Cummings on said:

    Even though we/they can reserve a room in the future (up to the next 7 days) the team room reservation page does not display any other day other than today…. Is that correct? Ever? So if I wanted to reserve a room for 2:00 tomorrow I’d have to blindly pick a room and length of time, see if it accepts it, then change one of the factors and try again until, hopefully, one of the rooms is free?

    It seems like the ability to display future days within our reservation period is something we need for the public page.

  11. Carrie Cummings on said:

    I helped a customer yesterday who was convinced he’d reserved Room 7 at a certain time, but we couldn’t see it on either the public page or the admin page. I think, possibly, his reservation didn’t go through but the error message was lost within the text and form on the page and he didn’t see it.

    It would be great if the error/confirmation message was highlighted or otherwise displayed to communicate success or lack of it to the customer. I’ve had that same experience other times where I didn’t see the message it was giving me. Thanks.