System Outage – Maintenance Window Saturday 12/9

Update 12/9: The migration is complete. Please be sure to notify Digital Services as soon as possible if you experience problems accessing resources or connecting to email. TSCPL-Staff wifi network is back online again as well.

Update 12/6: This process will also require us to disable the TSCPL-Staff wifi network. Please use the TSCPL-Public network for the time being. Unfortunately, we cannot wait until Saturday for this portion, and will need to disable the Staff network immediately.

This Saturday (after close) we will be doing a large migration of user accounts to a new domain. This will require that all servers be rebooted, and email temporarily disabled. Email will be queued until the migration is complete, when it will be delivered to your account.

All PCs will also be rebooted several times during this process. Please be sure that you have saved any open documents, closed all programs, and logged off your machine to make sure nothing gets lost.

If you have email set up on your phone/tablet/etc, it may require you to re-enter your information.

Log on to your PC

If you attempt to log in to your PC and get this message:

Click on “Other user”. Notice that it now says “Sign in to TSCPL” (whereas it used to say “Sign in to LAN_OF_OZS”)

You should be at your normal desktop, and subsequent logins should behave normally. If your desktop icons and background are missing, please let us know. Don’t worry, it isn’t lost, it’s just mapped incorrectly. Please send us a ticket at or call us at x4600 and we will get you set up again.

Outlook signatures

This migration will also require a reconfiguration of your local Outlook clients. We will make the changes globally during the maintenance window, but some settings are profile specific, and will require additional steps on your part. Outlook signatures are one such item. They are still there, but will require you to set them up again.

Open a new email message, and click Signature > Signatures from the toolbar at the top.

On the right side, click the drop down next to “Choose default signature” and select a signature


Mobile email setup

Currently, your mobile email may have these settings in them:

To reconnect, remove the domain information, as it should be no longer required.

If you have any questions, please post them here or send them to us at


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