New System for reporting questions/issues related to Polaris & BC

Technical Services would like to connect with you in a new way to report questions, issues, and concerns related to Polaris & BiblioCommons.  We’ve teamed up with Digital Services who use Zendesk to manage your requests for their assistance with your digital/technology questions.  We will also be using Zendesk.   With your help, our goal is to make Polaris, BC, and the whole system of managing library collections a better experience for you and for our customers.

What this means for you:

A number of you have been emailing me or a Tech Services staff member directly with a question or concern about something related to the library catalog or collections.  We would like you to start using this email address to contact Tech Services with questions, issues, or concerns about Polaris or BC:

Examples of the kinds of questions or issues to email us about:

    • the jacket artwork on a record in Polaris or BC doesn’t match the title or description
    • there is an error or omission in a bib or item record
    • a call number is incorrect or doesn’t match with other items on the same record
    • two identical items sit in different collections (ex. same movie title with copies in 2 different DVD genres)
    • you want follow-up on an item that has been on-order for more than 3 months
    • you want follow-up on an item that has been in-processing for more than 2 weeks
    • anything that doesn’t look right in Polaris or BiblioCommons

When you submit a ticket to, you’ll get an email (AKA: ticket) in Outlook updating you about the status of your request.

Important Information about items on Mending Status:

Please continue to send individual TS staff physical items on mending status.  There is quite a bit of emailing that happens about specific items and delivery of these items to Tech Services.  That communication workflow remains the same.  Please fully complete the mending slip and include your name on the slip.  With dozens of items going to selectors and catalogers each day, it helps everyone if the mending slips are complete and easy-to-read.

Any questions, please post them here.  Thank you!

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