Preview Next Gen Searching in BiblioCommons

BiblioCommons is in the process of replacing their current search technology/algorithm and recently asked us to preview their new search technology! The opt-in preview for the new search technology will be Wednesday, December 7 and will be available most of 2017.

Here’s what to expect:

  • This opt-in preview will only be available to library staff.
  • An updated interaction on borrowing transactions like Place a Hold and Checkouts.
  • An updated interaction when adding an item to your shelf.
  • Sticky facets: filters will remain applied even when a new search has been submitted.
  • Small styling updates to the interface.

They Want Our Feedback

They’d actually love it. If there’s anything that seems broken or not functioning quite as you’d expect it,  send them a note with the built in feedback system (next to the “Return to regular view” link –see screenshot below).

How to Opt In

This is how you preview the new search. The opt in bar will appear when you are logged in and you have any kind of admin or staff permission.opt-in

Opt out at any time by clicking “Return to regular view.”


Some Caveats

Since this is an early preview, there are some things they’re still working on.

Items labelled as ‘All copies in use’ in the Availability Details Overlay
Some items are being mapped as “All copies in use” when in reality they’re ‘On Hold’ or ‘In Transit’. They realized they are not displaying the raw availability in the overlay. They know what the issue is and will have it fixed in the next release.

Search Types
The new search will work on all search types except for List and User searches.

Empty Search Results
Currently, the empty search results page is rather barren and BiblioCommons is exploring ways to improve it. They’re going to take a bit more time to make sure its more useful.

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