Basecamp Upgrade Coming Soon

On August 17, we will be switching over to Basecamp 3. At this time all Basecamp 2 projects will be converted to version 3. Prior to the switch over, staff should delete or archive projects that are complete or empty by August 14th. After that date projects that are still empty or completed will be either deleted or archived.

We are asking that all projects follow a specific naming scheme. This will help keep projects that you are assigned grouped together, making them easier to scan and keep track of.

All projects should follow this naming convention:

Department Abbreviation (space) Year (space) Title
(e.g., CM 16 Display Signs, DS 16 WiFi Project)

Department projects should be abbreviated as such:

ADM – Administration, Gina, Rob, board of trustees, library-wide projects, all staff meetings
BKM – Bookmobile – having to do with bookmobile vehicles and schedules
CM or ER – Public Relations – communications and marketing and event resources
COLL – Circulation
CS – Community Services – if you consider this program/service outreach, it needs this designation
DB – Digital Branch – public website, intranet, social media, digital library, databases, catalog
DS – Digital Services
FND – Foundation
FOTL – Friends – Booktique and Friends
HR – Human resources
LIB – Library-wide projects like Big Read, Summerfest, Staff Development Day
PS – Public Services – Red Carpet, Topeka room, Adult Services
SG – Sabatini Gallery
YS – Youth Services

  • Remember no underscore or dash – use a space instead
  • When done with the project, the project leader needs to archive or delete the project.
  • If it’s an ongoing project, like Facebook Team or Branding, it doesn’t need a year.
  • When you make a project with a deadline or a program date, include that info in the project’s subtitle and its event calendar.

For a brief overview of Basecamp 3 watch this short video:


What’s New in Basecamp 3? Visit this handy guide.

Questions or Comments? Please ask below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

One thought on “Basecamp Upgrade Coming Soon

  1. Michael Perkins on said:

    The following Basecamp projects will not move over (unless you do it manually):

    CM 16 Movies on the Lawn
    CM LOTY Campaign
    COLL Circ Lobby Display Signs
    FOTL 16 Friends Book Sale 2016
    LIB 150th Anniversary of TSCPL, 2020
    LIB 16 Dolly Parton Imagination Library
    LIB Farmer’s Market: Farmer’s Market
    LIB New Service Model Team
    PS 16 Genealogy Roadshow Campaign
    PS 16 Genealogy Room Signage
    PS 16 Senior Fair CB
    PS Reference Team
    PS Topeka Room Suite Redesign 2050
    SG (2016 m4) Motorized: cars, bikes and the people who love them
    SG 16 Motorized
    SG 16 TAME
    SG Discussions/Decisions
    SG Facebook / Instagram / Janus Content
    2015 community novel
    A Celtic Celebration
    AD_PLANT Presentation Power Point
    ADM_15_LibraryAware Award presentation
    ADM_15_Monical Holiday Invitation
    ADM_Annual Report 2014
    ADM_Facilitators PowerPoint
    An African-American Heritage Celebration
    AS_14_Chasing Weather
    AS_14_Classics Made Modern Graphic
    AS_14_Digital Memories graphics
    AS_14_Music CD Signage Update
    AS_14_Music for Sun – Euphoria String Band
    AS_14_Trivia Frisbee Art
    AS_14_Understanding Health Insurance
    AS_15_Device Recharging Station
    AS_15_Green Fair 2015
    AS_15_Master Gardener Bookmark Reprint
    AS_15_NLW_#Check It Out Video
    AS_15_Tax Form Sign
    AS_16 Explore Kansas Archaeology
    AS_16_Master Gardners Bookmark
    AS_16_Monarch Way Station Bookmark
    BK_15_ Bookmobile #2 “Alice” launch CB
    BK_15_Kansas Connections 2015
    BK_16_Critter Club 2016
    CI_15_Library Card Application Revision
    CI_16_ Checkout limit poster revision
    CM_15_ Database Bookmarks & Business Cards Update
    CM_15_Bookdrop Decals
    CM_15_Food Service Project
    CM_15_Library News APR-MAY
    CM_15_Moms Everyday – WIBW interviews
    CM_15_Topeka Magazine Arts Section Ads
    CM_15_Welcome to the Library
    CM_The Library Song Publicity
    Communications & Marketing: Topeka Magazine Fall Ad
    Computer Replacement Schedule
    DOTG 2016
    ER_15_Monday Market 2015
    FD_14_Foundation News Campaign
    FL_14_Update Pages, Press release, blog post
    FL_Annual Meeting Press Release
    FL_Friends General Power Point
    FOL Book Sale ad art to LJ-World
    Food Service Project
    Genealogy: German Heritage Celebration
    History Bike Tour: NOTO
    HR_16_Staff Development Day Program 2016
    HR_16_Volunteer Week
    Humans of Topeka
    Lawn & Garden Team: Blogs
    LF_16 Late Night at the Library
    LF_16_Wilder Society Tea 2016
    LH_StoryCorps Listening Event
    LH_The Things They Carried Home Workshop
    Local Writers Workshop
    LOTY Presentation_GM
    Love Your Neighborhood: Guerilla Surveying
    MA_14_vinyl logos for drop box
    MC_15_ Cafe Menu Update
    Monarch Waystation
    Mother Earth News Fair 2015
    National Library Week 2016
    PS_15_ Passports for KS Children’s Discovery Center Creative Brief
    Public Computer Start Page
    RC_15_Legends/Lexington Park Postcards
    RC_15_Lexington & Legends PDF flyer
    RC_Medicare Monday Janus Monitor
    Ring The Bell Sign
    Sabatini Art Gallery: Abstraction (H)
    Sabatini Art Gallery: Art Deco (H)
    Sabatini Art Gallery: Ink This! (H)
    Sabatini Art Gallery: Inspiration (H)
    Sabatini Art Gallery: RED exhibit
    Sabatini Gallery (m): Against the Grain
    Sabatini Gallery (m): InCiteful Clay
    Sabatini Gallery: (2015 f4) Washburn Sesquicentennial: buildings we remember
    Sabatini Gallery: (2015 m3) Searching for the 70s: DOCUMERICA
    Sabatini Gallery: (2015 m6) TC 32
    SC_14_Donor Connection Card
    SC_14_Downtown Building History Brochure Template
    SC_14_Topeka Room Signage
    SE_16_SHRM Parking
    SG_14_Against the Grain
    SG_15_Reviving the Past exhibit
    SG_15_What True Grit Looked Like Sign
    SG_16 Pop Up Art Ped Poster
    SG_16_Balance in Threes
    Summer Lunch Progam
    SummerFest Marketing 2016
    test project 1
    The Big Read 2015- True Grit
    Youth Indexing Competition
    Youth Services Main Page
    YS Performers Place
    YS_14_ Reading Challenge Display Case
    YS_14_Librarians Read Challenge Display Case
    YS_14_Teen Survey Signage
    YS_15_Fake Mustache Little Read promotion
    YS_15_Kids and Teen Web pages
    YS_15_New Game Consoles Poster
    YS_15_Read Between the Times Bookmark
    YS_15_Teen Blog
    YS_15_Teen Schedule Display Case Poster
    YS_16_Teacher Treats

    You can still work them in Basecamp 2 or manually move them to version 3.