Make-It-Lab Guidelines

Have you heard that SAM is now in the Make It Lab? It’s true! Here is what you need to know:

Make-It Lab BASICS

  • There are 2 Apple iMac computers so 2 individuals or groups can work. (No more than 3 people per station or 6 total in the room.)
  • It is available to use for 3 hours per day per account.
  • No reservations for the Make-It Lab. It’s a first come, first served space.
  • You must be 12 or older to checkout the Make-It Lab.
  • Your account cannot have fees over $10.00.
  • You must follow the Customer Conduct and Computer & Internet Use Policies for TSCPL.


  • Check out a key for the Make-It Lab at the Media Desk with your library card or card number. Return the key to staff at the Media Desk.
  • You are responsible for your assigned key and computer, any equipment you request, and the 3 hour time limit. Files saved on the Make-It Lab computers are only temporary.
  • To use audio or video equipment you must request items from Media Desk staff. Some of the equipment available: microphones, MIDI keyboard, digital drawing tablet, and video camera.
  • All equipment in the Make-It Lab room and cabinet stays in the Make-It Lab.

Going over 3 hours = Late fee of $9.99.

Losing the key = Lost key fee of $50.00.

Don’t think you can remember all of this or you would rather see a flashy printout? Check out the flashier version here:

L:\Sharing Folder\Make It Lab\What You Need to Know.docx

Don’t worry, it’s also posted in the Make-It-Lab for customers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a patron use a Guest Pass to checkout the Make-it-Lab?
A: No, patrons need a card or they need to know their card number in order to checkout the key to the room.

Q: What if their fees are over 60 days old?
A: Remind them of their fees and encourage them to pay them off. However, SAM can’t tell if their fees are over 60 days old and will let them log in still.

Q: Can a patron use 3 hours of regular time and then 3 hours of Make-it-Lab time?
A: Nope! Make-it-Lab time counts towards their 3 hour total computer time for the day.

Q: Someone wants to checkout something from the cabinet, what do I do?
A: Mark their library card on the equipment sheet in the media desk drawer and place a checkbox by everything they request. Remember to bring and keep the cabinet key with you during the entire transaction.  When the key is returned, check-in the key and return the items to the proper locations in the cabinet, finish the process by wiping off the sheet in the drawer.

Q: How do I tell which card is logged into the Mac computers?
A: PCActivity Manager now has a new zone called MakeIT.

MAC PC Manager

Q: SAM looks different on the Mac, how can I get rid of that big box?
A: There’s are 3 circles on the box that pops up. Click the middle yellow button to minimize it (see the blue arrow). The end session in the bottom right will always appear and can be drug around the screen if needed.


Q: Can you print from the Mac computers?
A: Not at this time. If they do need to print, recommend they e-mail it to themselves and open it on one of our regular computers. If they have a flash drive, they can save it to that as well.

Q: Will documents and logins still be saved on that computer?
A: Nope! With SAM we have enabled a guest mode feature of Mac which will wipe them clean when restarted just like our regular PCs.

Q: Can a patron who has a visitor card or temporary card use the Make-It-Lab?
A: Customers with a borrower type of Visitor Card 30-Day cannot checkout the Make-It-Lab. These are customers from The Mission (600 N Kansas Ave, the Hope House, Frazier House etc).

Customers who have a borrower type of Temporary Card can checkout the Make-It-Lab. Temporary Cards are college students in the area, kids or adults staying with a parent in the area over the summer, or customers who are visiting family in the hospital for extended periods and other situations. If you aren’t sure whether they should have a Visitor or Temporary card or other borrower type, please check with the customer service desk which can verify and update the account as necessary.

Q: I have another question, who do I ask?
A: The make-it-lab team! We can all be reached at DG-Make IT Lab ( or ask any of us: Jacob Ziegler, Meg Porteous, Carrie Cummings, Amber Bonnett, Christina Callison, Stephen Ferrell, Kyle Moreland, Kimberly Sain, Arion Beals, Lisa Brien, Stephanie Hall, Marie Pyko.

Feel free to post below as well and we will answer your question!

Stay tuned for future training on the 3D printer and everything makerspace here at the library!

7 thoughts on “Make-It-Lab Guidelines

  1. michelle-morris on said:

    Will the Mac computers log the patrons off at the end of their 3 hours (the way the rest of the public computer do), or do they need to keep track of their time?

    • jacob-ziegler on said:

      SAM will act just like it does on the PCs and will boot customers off after their time has expired. The only time keeping the patron needs to worry about is their 3 hour key checkout time. If they were in the make-it-lab on the computer the entire 3 hours, they shouldn’t have to worry. Only if they were to checkout the key and not use the MAC would they need to keep an eye on the time.

  2. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    FYI: Depending on what a patron is “making” in the Make-It-Lab they may or may NOT be able to open the file via email on the regular computers (not all Mac modules are compatible with PCs).

    • David Lee King on said:

      If they use any of the “normal” apps, like Word/Excel, they will print fine from a public PC. Do you have an example of something a customer would want to print from one of the Macs that doesn’t print from our public PCs (other than something like Photoshop, which isn’t on the Public PCs)?

  3. Kimberly Sain on said:

    In the Make-It Lab Basics above: “You must be 12 or older to use the Make-It Lab”

    Right now, a person must be 12 or older to check out the Make-It Lab key. That person may bring a friend who is younger than 12 with her to use the Make-It Lab. So, the friend(s) accompanying the 12 or older person who checked out the key to the lab may be younger than 12.

  4. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    David – I was thinking specifically of non-Office modules, like the PhotoShop you mentioned (or elements from iMovie and GarageBand).