BiblioCommons: How to make a great list

Lists give us an opportunity to curate subjects and interests for our customers. The title, description, type, and annotation of resources are the essential tools for making your list valuable to our customers. Be clear about the function of your list and why you chose the titles you did. Learn how to create a list in BiblioCommons.

What makes a great list

  • Use clear descriptive title. what function does this list provide? Don’t worry about adding the name of the library; your username already clarifies that information.
  • Include a detailed description. Let users know what the list is about.
  • Annotate the items. Let users now why this title/website made the cut. This is the most useful feature of lists.

Additional tips

  • Add ‘tscpl’ to the end of the description. This will make it easy to find lists made by TSCPL staff when searching.
  • Create lists based on what you know. Don’t worry about covering every topic, it’s more about providing specialized lists rather than covering every topic.
  • Create lists bases on user demand. Use a reference interview topic and turn it into a list of the resources gathered!

Be creative with lists:

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