Wifi Phones Tipsheet

IMG_7884Some of our new phones are wifi phones. These are cordless phones that will work throughout the building and across the street in our 1020 building. Some service desks, managers, and the Manager in Charge will have these phones.

These phones are really easy to use. Here’s a tipsheet on how to use them:

Answer the phone:

  • Press the Start button (button with green phone icon)

Hang up:

  • Press End key (button with red phone icon)

Call someone:

  • Type the number
  • press Start button

Transfer call to someone else:

  • While on a call, push the Transfer button (shows on display during a phone call)
  • Dial the new phone number
  • Tell the person you are transferring a call
  • press Transfer button again.
  • Hang up.

Place call on hold:

  • Press the Hold button (shows on display during a phone call)
  • press it again to resume the call

Push to Talk:

  • To talk – press and hold push to talk button (left side of phone, under the volume button)
  • wait for beep, then start talking

Larger user manual can be found here.


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