Interim Copier and Fax Solution

Good morning,

At the present time the copiers and fax machines controlled by SAM are unavailable. After listing out our options this morning we have decided the following as our best course of action:

  • We have moved the Tech Services copier down to Reference and are offering free copies until we get things fixed. The Tech Services copier will be used throughout the weekend and until we are sure the controllers are functioning as they should be (after the upgrade).
  • We will fax for patrons (take the FAX to admin during business hours to FAX – after hours find the MIC and ask them to do it if needed). This will be free as well.
  • If customers ask what is going on just explain that we are going through an upgrade and copies are free right now.
  • If people go to the Customer Service desk and ask for a SAM refund for a large amount (anything over $20) please take down their barcode and contact information to see if we can track any discrepancies in their account. We are proactively searching out customers with negative balances and large balances and will hopefully be able to correct the errors but it’s possible somebody will visit you with a strange and high amount for a refund. Those we need to investigate.

DS staff are continuing to work with the vendor to fix this but in the meantime providing this service for free is our best option.

Again thank you for your patience.


We’ve had a few questions on this and I’ll do my best to respond.

  • Is there a limit to free photocopies? Yes and no. If they are printing a book – Yes we should limit that. Best judgement I would suggest but probably anything under 10 would be ok to copy. We don’t want staff attempting to monitor this. The only time you may need to intercede is if the lines get long due to someone copying large amounts of stuff.
  • How do we manage the line at the copier? 1st come/1st serve.
  • Does the copier do color copies? No it does not.
  • Is the procedure that Reference Desk staff need to walk the fax up and bring the customer to admin and fax it for them there ourselves? I would imagine that you would want the patron there just in case the fax doesn’t go through.
  • If admin staff will help fax, do customers need a fax cover sheet from the Reference Desk or does Admin have them also? They have fax cover sheets but they have the Library as the sender.
  • Microfilm anyone? We are attempting to come up with a solution to provide service for Microfilm users. We’ll keep you posted.

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