DS Tech Update

Welcome to the DS Tech Update. It’s a look at everything that is happening in the world of technology library wide. Look for program and project updates, along with tips, tricks and other helpful information.


DS Demo Day scheduled for tomorrow

September 30, 2015
(4 – 30 minute sessions beginning at 2PM)
Creative Group

Join us for Demo Day in the Creative Group. Brian and/or Joey will be doing an overview of the SAM 10 interface every 30 minutes (starting at 2PM). We’ll show the recent changes and answer any questions you have.

Using the HelpDesk

You have been doing a great job reporting issues but for those that may not know here it is again.

Be sure to use the HelpDesk to your best advantage.
Many of the issues that you contact Digital Services about are urgent and need a technician to help immediately (call 4600 if that’s the case). However, some problems are not urgent or may be longer, more difficult problems to fix. You may have a mouse or keyboard that is dying or you may have an application that is not doing what it should be doing. In that case, you want to notify us about the issue, but it’s not necessary for us to respond immediately.

One the best tools the library has for keeping track of these various technical issues is the Helpdesk. zenAny problems that you encounter that do not need us to help you immediately, should be sent to helpdesk@tscpl.org or use the webform. By doing this, your issue will get put in a queue according to priority and it will not be lost or forgotten. As we make progress on the ticket, we will enter comments, which you will receive so that you always know what the status is of the problem. If we need you to be at your computer to work on the problem, we will request to set up a time to meet via helpdesk and mark the ticket as “pending” until we hear back.

The upshot is that almost any question/issue/request that is sent to digitalservices@tscpl.org, should go to helpdesk@tscpl.org instead. That way, all of the DS staff will know that the problems was (or was not) addressed without getting tied up in an email conversation. Exceptions would be emails that are merely informational or procedural.

Be sure your helpdesk tickets are complete. They should include:
• The computer or equipment where you are encountering the problem
• A positive description of what is happening
o Not-so-helpful: “My outlook is broken”
o Helpful: “All of the emails I sent in the past hour from my own account have not been delivered.”
• The time it happened
• What task you were doing when it happened.
• If the ticket relates to a customer, we need the customer’s barcode number and the computer/kiosk where they had the problem.
Again, if the problem is urgent or a customer is waiting, please call. If you are not sure whether to call or submit a ticket, then call and ask we’ll be happy to tell you.

Digital Branch Changes

The Digital Branch continues to be one of the busiest outlets for our public to find and get information, books (digital and print), videos, and music. We continue to make changes that reflect current trends in design and programming that help customers find the stuff they want. We have completed numerous page updates on the website including Genealogy, Meeting Room, and the Contact Us page. Major updates are coming soon to Local History, Business, Preschool Kids, Teens and Parent pages to expand and enhance those areas.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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