DS Update – April 2015


We have been dreaming for a long time about being able to take Polaris out into the library stacks and even into the community to help customers find what they need. LEAP makes that possible!

LEAP is a web application that focuses on patron information and circulation. LEAP can be used on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. There is nothing to install, simply direct your favorite (modern) browser to leap.tscpl.org.

LEAP can:

  • Search for patrons, bibs, items
  • Check out or renew items
  • Check in items
  • Place a hold for a patron
  • Update a patron information (address, phone, email)
  • Create a new patron account
  • Manage patron fees and blocks (add, waive, pay)
  • Print receipts!

LEAP is awesome; try it today!!


Spark iconSpark an instant messaging (IM) program good for chat communications with people, groups or departments. We’ve noticed that use has been on the decline so we want to make sure staff know that it is still available. With Spark running you can see who is available to chat, send messages to groups, and more.

3D Printer Tips

The 3D printer is a popular service of the Make-It Lab that is still in a pilot phase. We recently installed a computer next to the printer so staff can look at the 3D model before it’s printed. There are a few tips that can help make it a successful print:

  • Look at the file in the Cura software on the PC next to the printer. In particular, look at the layers (View Mode). When using the layers view mode you can see how the printer builds the 3D model.

  • 3D printing works from the bottom up. If there are overhangs or arms etc., they will not print very well.  Supports may need to be added to the file so the printer can print the object correctly.
  • Some files have issues printing due to how they are positioned on the build plate. If there is an overhang try flipping or rotating the file on to its side.

For additional tips check out the 3D printing guide on the public website.

Contacting the HelpDesk

Email is the best way to get assistance from Digital Services as it allows you to track your ticket status or add more information to the ticket – all from your inbox!

Easy ways to contact us for assistance:

  1. Email: helpdesk@tscpl.org
  2. Submit a request online: helpdesk.tscpl.org (Use the button located in the upper right corner on the Intranet)
  3. For urgent issues call us at 4600

Network Upgrade

ThinkstockPhotos-122434356We are wrapping up our network upgrade project and have just a few more things left to do before it is complete.

We have replaced our aging network infrastructure with 30 new, high-capacity network switches. This allows faster communication throughout the building, and allows us to give our staff and customers faster speeds when downloading files and searching the web. The new switches also prepare our infrastructure for the VoIP (Voice over IP) project this fall. This will allow all staff to have access to phones and voicemail from any desk/spot in the library.

We are also updating our network configurations as part of our continuous effort to improve the security and availability of our systems. In particular, we are expanding the use of dynamic addressing (DHCP), which will simplify the deployment of new systems for both staff and public computers. This will allow faster recovery from hardware failures, allowing us to maintain our high service levels.

Later in the year we will become a gigabit library by jumping our internet speed from 300 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s to the building. Internally our network speed will be 10 Gb/s between closets and 1Gb to each workstation.

13 thoughts on “DS Update – April 2015

  1. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    LEAP has so much potential for use on the bookmobiles! When using LEAP on a tablet is the program run through an app or is it run through a browser (like Safari)?

    • Michael Perkins on said:

      Great question Michelle. It runs through any current browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). We’ve noticed that the bookmobiles are having issues accessing LEAP due to out of date browsers. We are working on getting them updated.

  2. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    Yes, out of date browsers are definitely an issue on several bookmobiles. Glad to hear addressing that is already part of the plan! 🙂

  3. Natalie Moreland on said:

    Have we experimented with LEAP on tablets to find out whether we can use the camera as a barcode scanner?

    • Michael Perkins on said:

      Natalie, we have not tested that and my guess is it won’t work. It’s an easy test to do so we will add it to the list to do soon.

      • timothy-volpert on said:

        LEAP *almost* works on my phone. The layout gets squished, so the navigation buttons are covering anything that should be on the right-hand side of the screen–including crucial buttons like “complete” on the check out screen. Seems like this would be a fairly easy fix if anyone can mention it to the developers?

        The bookmobile computers were down on Saturday, and I did manage to check a few people out on my phone. I didn’t see any way to use the camera as a scanner, but that would have been nice.

        • Michael Perkins on said:

          LEAP was designed to work on larger devices such as ipads, tablets, laptops. I imagine that the experience for the phone is less than great.

  4. donna-casey on said:

    When you say we can pay on a customer’s account, do you mean through the website?

  5. Erin Seeger on said:

    Cool! I didn’t realize there were 3d printer tips available on the DB. That will convenient to print for customers! Thanks, Michael!

    • Michael Perkins on said:

      Yes it was a great suggestion from Lissa. I was happy to add it. Not sure it helps but it can’t hurt.

  6. andrea-bair on said:

    Michael, I really like leap for the basic stuff – its great. However, I couldn’t figure out how to put a book on mending. Does LEAP have this capability?

    • Michael Perkins on said:

      You can’t change statuses in LEAP unfortunately. It may be a future enhancement since I see this being the tool of the future.