Creative Group Meeting February 11, 2015

CR8V GROUP 2/11/15


  • Instagram project mimic of “Humans of New York” – Heather & Zan
  • Discussion of social media guidelines
  • Kansas Children’s Discovery Center passport program

Attending: Leah, Rich, Cindy, Rob, Gina, Nathan, Michael, David, Diana, Marie & Amber Guests: Heather, Zan

Welcome Amber

She has a lot of enthusiasm for what this group works on and hope to be a good liaison between our staff and the public.  She has an eclectic background – a writer, a diesel mechanic, interested in audio and multi-media. She is an early adopter of ecommerce

Heather’s Instagram project

Searching for the 70’s – focus on the EPA projects of the 1930s and sent photographers to document the depression and how it affected communities. This was repeated in the 1970s and shifted to how people were affected by the environments and environmental issues.

By using Instagram, it would be fun to combine popular things that are happening on the Internet “Humans of New York” phenomenon. Heather provided an outline of what they what to do–combining what the EPA did and Humans project following identified themes. They would have 3 questions they could choose from–Heather will monitor and collect for a blog. It will drive people to the library’s Instagram site.

Gina asked if Donna Rae has been invited to the project. Zan said not yet, but plans include her, Amber and staff at Kansas Historical Society.

Michael suggested that this could be a book.

Is this project a good fit for local history? Marie says yes and orientates us as the designation for the library being a place for Topeka’s local history. Donna Rae is creating several avenues with Story Corps, historic brochures, etc.

Leah reports that Topeka Metro is doing stories of Topekans and putting video cameras into the hands of bus riders.

Gina: of all the things that we can do to capture local history, why this?

Heather: its new and fun and attracts a younger audience.

Zan: it also encourages young people to think and see the world differently.

Gina: will this increase and include our media lab? Yes.

David: it’s informal, and allows people to subscribe and participant that a formal approach would not attract.

Diana: marketing and reaching this audience has to have a strong effort.

Gina: we need to also address what is in it for us, the benefit to our local history. Is being a documentary photographer the goal?

Heather: I think so, because we give people the opportunity to try something, like during a print exhibit, a visitor to the gallery gets to try to make a print.

Zan: when we teach them about how the world is changing, and we generate these photos, you look at what I am shooting and mom &pop may be critical of all the photos you take, they will also realize that they..

Gina: recommends this pilot be small–don’t be random.

Rich: maybe we should offer an Instagram class, because there is a generation that wants to do it, but needs the orientation.

Heather: What if we hosted a class, and then issue the challenge to the attendees.

Zan: the experience, using your hands.

Heather: F*#! you I’m Kansas – could recruit support from them.

Next steps:  Creative brief – Heather, Zan and David.

Marie: KCDC passport program

Gina and Marie have been meeting with them to establish a partnership with them to obtain passes for our library card holders that will allow them to go. Will be buying 4 organizational passes which allows 2 adults and up to 5 children to attend for one day.  This will be launched April 1. It will be treated like an express book, and we anticipate it will be highly in demand.  Will work with C&M to design a the card, decide what will be on the digital branch and in Library News.

Gina: we want to develop more partnerships and shared experience can be beneficial strategies that we share in common.

Team will be working on it. Marie has met with Scarlett, Ruth, and Paul about circulating it and we need to decide where it sits on the digital branch. This will be the prototype for the passes for 712 Innovations. Will staff be able to check out a pass?

What is their mission and goal–how does it differ from us?

Express check–first come/first served? The online component is important, because expecting people to continually come to the library or bookmobile or smartlocker to pick it up, is not a long term soution. Marie expects this to last a couple of months.

Would the staff be able to check these passes out? Something to decide…not going to place restrictions.

Marie will schedule meetings.

Social media guidelines

Cindy noticed that we don’t have any social media guidelines posted anywhere and learned that we don’t have guidelines beyond “be nice”. The social media teams have posting guidelines that have more to do with a time schedule. Teams execute social media because having 200 people posting would be too much for any site. An example is Facebook is about reader’s advisory and has a more casual, fun voice. Recommendation: instead of posting guideline information as a blog, it needs to be a permanent post for people to refer to.

More observations by the group:

Do we want a diverse audience? Gina says yes. How do we develop this strategy?

If you want to get the attention of a group, using the immediacy of social media is the best way to do this.

Gina: We have no brand, we have a logo, and we will be bringing in a consultant to help us develop our brand and ask the right questions. All the visuals we develop support this brand.  ISIS as a brand is violence and religion. The consultant will not tell us what are brand is, but will help us focus on the answers.

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