Creative Group Meeting June 13, 2012

CG Minutes from 6/13

Note taker Michael Perkins

Discussed the Tween page and looked at the design.

This was a followup meeting so we could address some of the questions that Bill and Michael had. We realized that we had designed a page that was too young for the target audience. The Tween section is the in-between section for kids 8 to 12. Michael will design something that might fit better with the tween age group. Manga, Comic Books, etc was discussed. A design similar to will be created.

The design above may be used for the Kids section (Ages 1 to 7) with some deletions in the graphic. Teddy Bear, Dog, etc.

So we will have 4 sections: Kids – Tweens – Teen (Ages 13 – 18) – Parents (Grown-Ups)

Homework Help will need to be created. At one point that section was available but it is no longer around. Need to figure out if the tweens and teens can share a page or if they need them to be separate.

Also we discussed the Books & Reading blog and whether they were going to post into existing blogs or have their own. We couldn’t really figure out where they could post without having a new blog. It was requested that Jason and the tween group come up with a name and a plan for their blog.

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